OK, OK, I know…almost a month later and I am just now saying it! Actually, I have been saying it a lot here around town, but I am just now posting. It was so grand, like the mecca of Geek-dome! I finally felt like I was home! :)

Here we are, our little crew all decked out. Directly after this shot was taken a gentleman came up and asked if we would pose for a shot… said his friend would have liked to have known they were still being done right. (His friend it turns out was Mr. Fletcher himself – I squeaked a little on that one!)

Crew reporting for duty at Dragon*Con!

So, after the patterns….

Just like snowflakes, no tow are exactly alike.

and pinning….

There are four lights! Just say there are three lights Picard, or you get the pins again!

And production…

Wait unitl it is done, then shoot them in the back!

It paid off! We finally made it to Dragon*Con and now plan to make the pilgrimage every year. If you are going to be there going forward, let me know! This seems to be an event where the more people you know, the more fun you have! Oh, the costumes that were there! I got so wrapped up in ogling that I didn’t take the photos that I should have. And the panels, and guests, and concerts… ah well, there is next year, and now I know.

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