Lady Blackhawk


Hello again to everyone. Well, it has been a while, but I have something super special to share with you. Inspired by my love of “Birds of Prey”, I have finally completed my rendition of Lady Blackhawk!

My inspiration for her was partially from the “Birds of Prey” books written by Gail Simone, part from the Blackhawk’s series when she first made her appearance, and partially from the re-imagining of costumes from Hollywood. I am sure I made family and friends crazy hunting for the perfect jacket material (has kind of a diamond weave from the upholstery area – and used the back side), skirt material, heck, even the perfect material to embroider my Hawks on to! I ordered the hat, belt and holster. There is a pistol that goes along with the outfit as well, however, I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring even a replica weapon onto a collage campus and to an aviation museum. The gloves are from an antique mall. All-in-all, I have to say that I adore this piece. And, I wrapped her up just in time for an outing to Dayton, OH.

Fine Folks and Great Comics

Our first stop was The Bookery. The fabulous gentlemen there recognized Zinda right off the bat and gave me a wonderful start to my day! They even brought out a copy of the first appearance of Lady Blackhawk for my gracious perusal.  Seriously though, if you are ever in the area and you love comics, you need to check this place out.

After a quick photo shoot there, we were off to grab some grub. Then, off to the Gem City Comic Con.  Mrs. Blake strutted her stuff for a few hours and met with great approval. It was a good show and quite a few of the folks that we have gone to local shows with were there.

From there, we couldn’t pass up the chance to get Lady Blackhawk a little closer to her roots. So, it was off to the National Museum of the US Air Force.

I will fully admit having a chills while walking around and, although the Blackhawks were and international organization, I really felt a great sense of appreciation and reverence for the men and women who fought in WWII.  I couldn’t help but get into the spirit and get her a little closer to her home time period.

Nice plane mister! Wanna go for a fly?

You want in these barracks, you'll have to go through me!













Finally, it was a little dinner and then back to home base. It was tons of fun with the usual crew. Thanks to Jason for playing Zinda’s usual role of chauffeur, D for the usual quips, and Shauna for being my usual partner in crime as well as spotter to make sure Lady Blackhawk was presented in the best debut possible!

Until next time, Lady Blackhawk…AKA Amelia…signing out!

Just 'cause a lady can fight, doesn't mean she ain't a lady!

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  • Shauna Mobley

    Great post!  And amazing costume.  You looked beautiful and I hope next time you’ll get to take your gun with you. 

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