The dark knight just got brighter – Animated Batgirl


I present to you: THE ANIMATED BATGIRL!!  This one was a little rough in the beginning.  But the customer LOVED it (and  I am partial to it myself)! It is being modeled by the lovely Jennifer Lahr who commissioned this piece to bring out her inner Batgirl at conventions. Hoping to get some better shots up soon as well.  So, how was my first shot with the spandex set?…

First there was the drafting:

Drafting will make you batty!

And embroidering for the mood – keep your eye on the prize:

Keepin' an eye on the prize - I embroidered a Bat for inspiration!

And Finally – the Animated Batgirl custom costume that I made for my ever fabulous customer.  She provided he boots, belt, and cowl.

These shots were taken at Lexpo 2. Unfortunately, the camera was dying as the photos were taken. Hoping for some better ones at Kokomo Con this Saturday. If you are in town, stop in and stop by the booth! And watch out for that masked woman!

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  • Jen the Batgirl

    What a great experience with Amelia.
    All things were thought of and considered. Her detail was great and her enthusiasm contagious. I had every bit of faith in her and it came out flawlessly great. .
    I cant wait to think up our next creation/collaboration.

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