In collaboration with the fine folks at Smirk & Dagger, the character “Taunty” was brought to life at Gen – Con Indy in 2011.

There will be better photos to come for the gallery, but , hay, I have been sitting on these a while and wanted to get them going. So, this is what I was presented with as source material:

Wait, is he aiming at me? DUCK! Taunty has a gun!

And this is what I came up with. Costume top on hanger:

Big Candy Buttons anyone? Taunty Top

A peek at the pants underneeth:

No gingerbread man should go without pants - it's better for everyone.

And here it is, all together (day two at the con)! (better photos to come)

Free hugs eh? Watch out for them fighting candy men!

I really like the way this came out. V1.0 – we already have ideas for making it more adjustable and able to show more battle damage for the next version. So, stay tuned and check out the game already! :)

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  • Shauna Mobley

    I love this costume. It’s so cute and it seemed like you had fun making it since it’s slightly different from the typical scifi/fantasy request. Good job! Hopefully Gencon will see more and more of your creations in the years to come!

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