LadyBlackhawk 2014 PopCon

Reboot! Throw Back Thursday…

So, first things first, apologies and thanks to all those that have been waiting for updates (including those here at Bruised Plum Productions). I officially jumped back in to the ring back at Indy PopCon, but have been crazy busy and remiss in getting updates out here! We also launched IndyCos as a group for Cosplay and other lovers of costumes to get together, share tips, work on projects, socialize, and eventually do some charity work. So, uploading quite a bit of my gallery now, but here are a few shots from the show with some of my new creations along with the old! Read more »



Come join IndyCos on Facebook! We’re an Indianapolis based group dedicated to helping each other improve our costuming skills, and having fun while doing it. Read more »


Neuralyzer Experiment

This is called a ‘neuralyzer’. A gift from some friends from out of town. The red eye here isolates and measures the electronic impulses in your brain. More specifically, the ones for memory.” – Agent K

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Loose Ends – #1

There are always projects that seem to have slipped through the cracks. Pulling at loose threads…

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Lady Blackhawk’s Custom Colt 1911

The Colt M1911 was the standard issue side-arm for the US Armed Forces Read more »


Lady Blackhawk

Hello again to everyone. Well, it has been a while, but I have something super special to share with you. Inspired by my love of “Birds of Prey”, I have finally completed my rendition of Lady Blackhawk!

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OK, OK, I know…almost a month later and I am just now saying it! Actually, I have been saying it a lot here around town, but I am just now posting. It was so grand, like the mecca of Geek-dome! I finally felt like I was home! :)

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Lexpo 2 – Yeah, we’re getting the hang of this.

So, on September the 24th, Shauna Mobley and myself attended Lexpo 2 in Lafayette Indiana… Read more »


The dark knight just got brighter – Animated Batgirl

I present to you: THE ANIMATED BATGIRL!!  This one was a little rough in the beginning.  But the customer LOVED it (and  I am partial to it myself)! It is being modeled by the lovely Jennifer Lahr who commissioned this piece to bring out her inner Batgirl at conventions. Hoping to get some better shots up soon as well.  So, how was my first shot with the spandex set?…

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In collaboration with the fine folks at Smirk & Dagger, the character “Taunty” was brought to life at Gen – Con Indy in 2011.

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